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Photoresist Developer PR-3 (Powder Sachet for Making 1 Liter)
Item # 36020310
Negative Photoresist Developer

Sachet for making 1 Liter of developer

This packet of PR-3 developer powder will makeup 1 litter of developer to form a ready-to-work solution.

Can develop up to 100 x 30 cm area of photosensitive film.
For PCB Photo Fabrication Process
Designed for negative acting photoresist dry films and liquid inks
Ideal for the finest circuit board applications.
New improved formula
Developing time less than 1 minute

How to use:
Add the entire contents of the sachet to one liter (1000.c.c) of water to form a ready-to-work solution that can develop up to 100 x 30 cm area of 40 μm thick photosensitive films.

The resulting solution can be reused several times before it becomes ineffective

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