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TEA2025  Stereo Audio Amplifier
Item # 10311
TEA2025B ( POWERDIP 12+2+2 )
Stereo Audio Amplifier
Package type: DIP 16-pin
Description: The TEA2025B/D is a monolithic integrated circuit in 12+2+2 Powerdip and 12+4+4 SO, intended for use as dual or bridge power audio amplifier portable radio cassette players.

● Dual or bridge connection modes.
● Few external components.
● Supplyvoltagedown to 3v
● Highchannel separation.
● Very low switch on/off noise.
● Max gain of 45db with adjust external resistor.
● Soft clipping thermal protection.
● Supply voltage(Vs): 3V to 12V 
TEA2025 Stereo Audio Amplifier

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TEA2025 Data Sheet

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