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Ethernet  ENC28J60 Module
Item # 30423
Complete Ethernet Module for MUC using ENC28J60 IC.
Description: Complete Ethernet Board For Arduino / Microcontroller.
This ethernet board is a simple way to give your Arduino or other projects a network connection.

● Chip ENC28J60-I/SO
● 25MHZ crystal.
● Network interface HR911105 JACK
● 3.3V power supply pin
● Dimension 56(mm) x 34(mm)

Works with all Arduino boards, including UNO, MEGA, and Nano.

Pin definition and Rating:
 1   CLKOUT  2    INT    
 3   WOL  4    SO
 5   SI  6    SCK
 7   CS  8    REST    
 9   Vin/Vcc  10  GND

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