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WT588D-16p 8M Voice Module
Item # 16081
Chipset: WT588D 16Pin, with 8 Mbit (1 MB) flash memory for file storage.

Need to add sound to your project? Voice prompts? Sound effects in games? Robots that bleep or boop or scream? Talking alarm systems?
The WT588D, a so-called ‘voice chip’, allows you to add custom sound clips in the form of WAV files to your project.
WT588D is a powerful re-programming voice chip microcontroller. Its control mode can be changed and download data to SPI flash by our PC software. This software is easy-operating ,support online download ,even the chip in power on , data can be download to the related SPI flash then reset the circuit, the control mode will be updated. In the Mp3 control mode, this chip with mp3 player functions , such as play, pause, previous, next, volume up, volume down.
In the key control mode, the trigger mode is flexible, any key can be setted as edge retrigger, edge no retrigger, level unloop, level loop,, level hold loop, prev unloop, next unloop, prev loop, next loop, no function, pause, stop, vol+, vol- and on/off 15 kinds of trigger mode, control 10 key trigger output max.
In the 3x8 key combination control mode,24 addresses’ voice can be triggered by edge retrigger mode.
In the parallel control mode, 8 I/O port can be used in controlling max
In the one-line serial control mode, voice play, stop, re-play, volume adjustment can be controlled by MCU.
Three-line serial control mode and three-line serial control I/O port extension mode can be switched , in
the three-line control mode, voice play, stop, re-play and volume adjustment can be controlled , or direct trigger
voice in 0-219 addresses. In the three-line serial control I/O port extension mode, can extend 8 bit output.
Switch between these two control mode, last working status still keep going in current mode.
PWM output can direct drive 0.5W/8Ω speaker, DAC output connect to external amplifier.
WT588D with a wide range of applications, such as bus reporter, alarm, reminder, alarm clock, study apparatus,
household appliances, medical instrument, electronic toys, telecommunication, parking distance control and so on.

Modules with 16pin, 28pin COB package ,built-in flash memory. Chips with DIP18 or SSOP20 or LQFP32 package.
WT588D chip +SPI Flash →WT588D module
●  Duration depends on the SPI flash size, support 2M-32M SPI flash.
●  Built-in high-speed audio processor.
●  Built-in 13Bit D/A convertor, 12Bit PWM output with excellent timbre
●  PWM output can direct drive 0.5W/8Ω speaker.
●  Support DAC/PWM two kinds of output.
●  Support mp3/wav audio files.
●  Vocie can be combined optionally by our PC software, mute can be inserted and will not take up any capacity.
●  Each loaded phrase of voice can be reused in other addresses.
Download by USB port, support online and offline download, even the WT588D is power on ,data also can be loaded to SPI flash.
●  Support mp3 control mode, key control mode, 3x8 key combination control mode, parallel control mode , oneline serial control mode, three-line serial control mode, and three-line control I/O extension output mode.
●  Switch to three-line control I/O extension output mode from three-line serial control mode by sending data, working status still keep going in current mode.
●  Set the BUSY signal output mode which show voice playing status optionally.
●  Strong anti-interference, can be used in the industrial field.
●  220 controllable addresses, each address can be loaded 128 phrases max, phrases in addresses can be combined to play.
●  Support audition for loaded voice.
●  Enter into sleep mode immediately and waste low power after stop playing.
●  15 kinds of key control mode, one button can set one control mode.
●  Equip with WT588D voice chip PC software, make its functions more outstanding.
●  Load 500 phrases voice max for editing.
●  Mute duration can be inserted between 10ms to 25minutes.
●  17ms reset time.
●  Serial baud rate 40us~4000us
●  Working voltage:DC 2.8v-5.5v
●  Sleep mode current:10uA
●  10ms key trigger time.
●  Sampling frequency 6KHz,8KHz,10KHz,12KHz,14KHz,16KHz,18KHz 20KHz
●  Support 8 chord MIDI

Documents & Files:
WT588D Chip&Module Detailed Information.pdf
WT588D Chip&Module Detailed Information
WT588D-U Voice Module.pdf
The Instructions of WT588D-U Voice Module

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