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Bright White Low Power SMD 3528 LED (strip of 10)
Item # 10230
Strip of 10 pieces
Low Power LED
Bright White SMD 3528 LED


Items per lot: 10
Package type: SMD 3528
Description: The Everlight 67-21 package has high efficacy, high CRI, low power consumption, wide viewing angle and a compact form factor. These features make this package an ideal LED for all lighting applications.
● ManufacturerEverlight 
● Product Number (P/N): 67-21/LK2C1-B38452C8CB2/2T
● Forward Voltage: 3.1 ~ 3.4V
● Forward DC Current: 20mA
● Maximum Forward DC Current: 30mA
● Emitting Color: White
● Color Temperature CCT(K) : 3800K~4500K  (Neutral White)
● Chip Materials: InGaN
● Viewing Angle: 120 deg.
● Color Rendering Index: 70(Min.)
● Resin Color: Colorless transparent colloid
● Luminous intensity range (IV): 2000mcd ~ 2800mcd
● Typical Luminous intensity (IV Typ.): 2400mcd
● LED Dimensions: 3.5 × 2.8 × 1.9mm
● Junction Temperature (Tj): 125 ℃
● Operating Temperature (Topr): -40 to +85 ℃

● PLCC-2 package
● Top view white LED
● High luminous intensity output
● Wide viewing angle
● Pb-free
● RoHS compliant
● General lighting
● Decorative and Entertainment Lighting
● Indicators
● Illumination
●  Switch lights

Precautions for Use:
Over-current-proof: Customer must apply resistors for protection; otherwise slight voltage shift will cause big current change (Burn out will happen).

Soldering Iron: Each terminal is to go to the tip of soldering iron temperature less than 350℃ for 3 seconds within once in less than the soldering iron capacity 25W. Leave two seconds and more intervals, and do soldering of each terminal. Be careful because the damage of the product is often started at the time of the hand solder.

Package Dimensions: (unit:mm)

Notes: All dimensions in mm tolerance is ±0.1mm unless otherwise noted.

Documents & Files:

8.00  EGP
per Lot
(10 items per lot)

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