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MECHANIC XG-50 Repair Solder Paste
Item # 1401
Repair Solder Paste  Sn63/Pb37
Description: Soldering Paste Gel Suitable for Pcb, Bga, PGA and SMD Reworking. This is a necessary accessory for repairing the main board of computers and mobile phones

- Brand:     MECHANIC
- Product:  XG-50  Tub of Solder Paste (Solder and Flux)
- Alloy:       Sn63/Pb37
- Microns:  25-45um
MESH.:  -325=500
- Storage Condition: in refrigerator   (0  to 10 °C)

Note: Store container well closed and cool.

65.00  EGP
per Unit

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