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MB6S  0.5A 600V SMD Bridge Rectifier
Item # 2513
Package type: SOIC 4-pin
The MB family of bridge rectifiers is a 0.5 A rectifier family that achieves high surge current absorption within a very small foot print. Within its small 35 mm2 form factor, the MB family shines in its surge capability. In order to absorb high surge currents, the design supports a 35 A IFSM rating and a 5.0 A2Sec I2T rating. Devices in the family are also rated to breakdown voltages of up to 1000 V. These features make the MB family ideal for small power supplies that need a little extra surge capability.

 * Peak Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 600V
 * Max. RMS Bridge Voltage (Vrms): 420V
 * Max. DC Blocking Voltage (Vdc): 600V
 * Av. Forward Rectified Current (Io): 0.5A
 * Maximum Reverse Current (Ir): 5µA
 * Forward Volt Drop per Element (Vf): 1V

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