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SMD Resettable Fuse - 1812 POLY  PPTC PTC  24V  0.75A
Item # 15062

Description: The 1812L series device provides surface mount overcurrent protection for applications where resettable protection is desired.

 ● RoHS compliant and lead-free
 ● Fast response to fault currents
 ● Compact design saves board space
 ● Low resistance
 ● Compatible with high temperature solders
 ● Low-profile
 ● SMD Package Type: 1812
      - Dimensions (inches): 0.18 x 0.125
      - Dimensions (mm): 4.6 x 3.0

 • Plug and play protection for motherboards and peripherals
 • USB peripherals
 • PCI cards
 • Game console port protection

Electrical Characteristics:
 ●   Hold current ( I hold ) : 0.75A
maximum current device will pass without tripping in 20°C still air.
Trip current  ( I trip ) : 1.5A
minimum current at which the device will trip in 20°C still air.
 ●   Maximum fault current ( I max ) : 100A
Maximum fault current device can withstand without damage at rated voltage (Vmax)
Maximum voltage ( V max ): 24V dc
Maximum voltage device can withstand without damage at rated current (I max)
Resistance ( R min ) :  0.11 Ω
Minimum resistance of device in initial (un-soldered) state.

Marking Code: LF075-24
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Manufacturer website: [Click here]

RoHS Compliant

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