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046701.5  Patch One-Time Fuse 1.5A 32V
Item # 15072
467 Series  ( 32 VAC/VDC)

Fast Acting UR Fuse
Package type: SMD 0603
Description: The 467 Series Fast-Acting Surface Mount Fuse (SMF) is an ultra small (0603 size) thin-film device designed for secondary protection of circuits used in space constrained applications such as hand-held portable electronic devices. This series is 100% lead-free and meets the requirements of the RoHS directive. 

Electrical Characteristics:
Ampere Rating: 1.5A
● Max Voltage Rating: 32V AC/DC
● Body: Advanced High Temperature Substrate
● Nominal Melting I2T : 0.0766 A2sec
● Interrupting Rating: 35A @ 32 VAC/VDC
● Operating Temp Range: - 55°C to 90°C
● Nominal Power Dissipation: 0.1074 W
● Nominal Voltage Drop: 71.6 mV
● Nominal Cold Resistance: 0.0385 Ohms
● Opening: Very Fast-Acting (FF)
● Marking Code: K
● Package Size: 0603 (1608)
● Dimensions: 1.6mm x 0.8mm

●  Complies with electronic industry environmental standards for lead reduction 
●  Product is compatible with lead-free solders and higher temperature profiles
●  High performance materials provide improved performance in elevated ambient temperature applications
●  Product is marked on top surface with code to allow amperage-rating identification without testing
●  Low profile for height sensitive applications
●  Flat top surface for pick-and-place operations
●  Element-covering material is resistant to industry standard cleaning operations
●  Mounting pad and electrical performance are identical to Littelfuse 431 and 434 Series products

Marking Code: K
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RoHS Compliant

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per Unit

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