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Red Vinyl-Insulated Pin Terminal 19A for AWG 22-16
Item # 17707
Insulated Pin Terminal 

Model  PTV1.25-10

Quantity: 1 piece
Description: Pre-insulated Pin Terminal
The pre-insulated terminal is easy to connect with electrical wire to strengthen its reliability and safety.
Used widely in the machiney, electric power, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, home appliance, computer or other automatic equipments.

Provide an easy and effective way to terminate stranded wire into European/metric style terminal blocks. Designed to prevent shorting, wire strand loss and/or wire pullout resulting from improper termination of stranded wire

Designed to meet emerging global standards which require wire-to-metric style terminal block installations be terminated with a “pin” style terminal
• Maximum electrical conductivity after crimping
• Funnel edged barrel for fast, easy insertion of wire
• Maximum holding power
• Tin plating prevents corrosion
• Wire range clearly stamped on neck of terminal
• Terminals are color coded by wire range for easy wire identification.
22-18 GA 16-14 GA 12-10 GA 8 GA 6 GA 4 GA

● Model: PTV1.25-10
● Shape: Male
● Terminal material: Copper
● Terminal surface treatment: Tin plated
● Insulation material: PVC = Polyvinylchloride (Vinyl)
● Insulation Color: Red
● Wire size range: 0.5 - 1.5mm² (A.W.G 22 - 16)
● Gauge: 22-16
● Max. Current: 19A

● Pin Diameter (d2) : 1.9mm
● Tube Inner Diameter: 4.3mm / 0.17"
● Total Length (L): 19.7mm / 0.77''

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