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Vibration Motor  0834 flat Coin motor / Mini motor
Item # 20341
0834 flat vibration motor.  
compact coin vibration motor.

Coin vibration motor, also known as shaftless or pancake vibrator motor.

These days miniature vibrating motors are used in a wide range of products, like tools, scanners, medical instruments, GPS, and control sticks. Vibrator motors are also the main actuators for haptic feedback which is an inexpensive way to increase a product's value, and differentiate it from compeition.

Can be affixed in place with a very strong permanent self-adhesive mounting system.

Voltage Range: DC 0.8 - 3 V
Max rated current: 80 mA 
Motor diameter: 8 mm
Motor thickness: 3.4 mm

30.00  EGP
per Unit

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