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STM8S105C6 Microcontroller
Item # 50415
16 MHz STM8S 8-bit MCU
Package type: LQFP 48 pin
Description: Mainstream Access line 8-bit MCU with 32 Kbytes Flash, 16 MHz CPU, integrated EEPROM.

Device performance is ensured by a 16 MHz CPU clock frequency and enhanced characteristics which include robust I/O, independent watchdogs (with a separate clock source), and a clock security system.
Short development cycles are guaranteed due to application scalability across common family product architecture with compatible pinout, memory map and modular peripherals.
Product longevity is ensured in the STM8S family thanks to their advanced core which is made in a state-of-the-art technology for applications with 2.95 V to 5.5 V operating supply.

Reduced system cost, performance and robustness, short development cycles, and product longevity. The system cost is reduced thanks to an integrated true data EEPROM for up to 300 k write/erase cycles and a high system integration level with internal clock oscillators, watchdog and brown-out reset.

Key Features:
●  16 MHz advanced STM8 core with Harvardarchitecture and 3-stage pipeline
Pin count: 48
Maximum number of GPIOs: 38 (including 16 high sink outputs)
Ext. Interrupt pins: 35
A/D Converter channels: 10
Flash Program memory: 32 Kbyte
Data EEPROM: 1 Kbyte
RAM: 2 Kbyte
Peripheral set: Advanced control timer (TIM1), General-purpose timers (TIM2 and TIM3), Basic timer (TIM4) SPI, I2C, UART, Window WDG, Independent WDG, ADC
Communication interfaces:
  - UART with clock output for synchronous operation, SmartCard, IrDA, LIN master mode
  - SPI interface up to 8 Mbit/s
  - I2C interface up to 400 kbit/s
Operating voltage: 2.95 to 5.5 V
Unique ID (96-bit unique key for each device)
Manufacturer website: [Click here]

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