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Infrared Development Kit
Item # 30401
Infrared IR Development Kit. 
Controller(NEC Type) and HX1838 or VS1838  Receiver
Description: This is a very rough Infrared development kit, handy and save time to design this small circuit and gather parts.

Package contents:
● 1 X NEC type infrared controller(not contain battery) .
● 1 X HX1838 remote module.
● 1 X 1838 Universal Receiving Head.
● 1 X 3Pin 20cm F/F Dupont cable for wiring.

The pins of the module:
● VCC: External 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected to 3.3/5v MCU)
● GND: GND External
● IN: This is the digital output, connect to external MCU IO, IO ports have been designed 10K pull-up resistor
● There some pins are available on the base board for further customize.

Theoretically kit test distance 5-8 meters, but the actual application depends on your surroundings when using factors and the intermediate barrier (such as diaphragms, glass, or other materials obstructions blocking), receiver uses HX1838, working with power indicator, can receive any remote 38K frequency encoded data!

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