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Heat Toner Transfer Paper For DIY Prototype PCB
Item # 30462
A4-size paper of DIY thermal transfer paper for Prototype PCB
(this price for only one paper)
Description: DIY thermal transfer paper (electronic enthusiasts for homemade high-precision circuit board materials)

Paper size: A4 (21 x 29.5cm )

Note: Can be used only with laser printer to print! Can't be used with inkjet printer!

The PCB figure, with a laser printer to the smooth side, apply to the copper plate, into the quick platemaker or iron on transfer printing.

Printed circuit board production, often is a headache thing electronic enthusiasts, many electronic lovers in order to manufacture a printed circuit board, often use paint draw plate, cutter, adhesive paste of amateur production method, the speed is slow, and difficult to produce high quality printed circuit board. Printed circuit board production and even become a "obstacle" of many beginners to enter the hall.
Thermal transfer legal system for PCB, it is to good circuit board graphics, with a laser printer to print on the thermal transfer paper, then will transfer paper on coated copper cover, after heating, make the melt toner fully adsorption on the coated copper, etc. After cooling off transfer paper, you can see the circuit board graphics has been transfer to the application of copper, black corrosion resistant layer, which is what we want PCB figure, finally carries on the corrosion, to get what we want without the PCB board.

Production process used in the heating tool is iron or plastic machinery. This store offers dedicated thermal transfer paper, transfer paper for making circuit boards made with the circuit board has the following advantages:
1- plate-making high precision.
2- plate making cost is low.
3- plate-making speed.
4- can produce double panel.

How to use it:
  1. Use Laser printer to print circuit board circuit diagram to the shiny side of the thermal transfer paper.
  2. Raised to 150-180 degrees Celsius laminator, thermal transfer paper printed a schematic side deposited in Bonded Copper transfer; or you can use iron (normal one that used at your home) instead of a plate making machine, hand transfer.
  3. After printing remove the transfer paper, Bonded Copper into the ferric chloride solution corrosion.
  4. Finally, the toner of the gasoline to clean the circuit board.


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