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DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Item # 604715
Low cost, long-term stability, relative humidity and temperature measurement, excellent quality, ultra-fast. 
Description: DHT11 digital temperature and humidity sensor is a composite Sensor contains a calibrated digital signal output of the temperature and humidity. Application of a dedicated digital modules collection technology and the temperature and humidity sensing technology, to ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor includes a resistive sense of wet components and an NTC temperature measurement devices, and connected with a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller.

Technical Parameters:
● Relative humidity:
     • Resolution: 16Bit
     • Repeatability: ±1% RH
     • Accuracy: At 25℃ ±5% RH
     • Interchangeability: fully interchangeable
     • Response time: 1 / e (63%) of 25℃ 6s
     • Hysteresis: <± 0.3% RH
     • Long-term stability: <± 0.5% RH / yr in
● Temperature:
     • Resolution: 16Bit
     • Repeatability: ±0.2℃
     • Range: At 25℃ ±2℃
     • Response time: 1 / e (63%) 10S
● Electrical Characteristics:
     • Power supply: 3.5 ~ 5.5V DC 
     • Supply Current: measurement 0.3mA standby 60μA
     • Sampling period: more than 2 seconds
● Pin Description:
     1  the VDD power supply 3.5 ~ 5.5V DC
     2  DATA serial data, a single bus
     3  NC, empty pin
     4  GND ground, the negative power

● Dimensions (unit: mm)

Low cost, long-term stability, relative humidity and temperature measurement, excellent quality, fast response, strong anti-interference ability, long distance signal transmission, digital signal output, and precise calibration.
HVAC, dehumidifier, testing and inspection equipment, consumer goods, automotive, automatic control, data loggers, weather stations, home appliances, humidity regulator, medical and other humidity measurement and control.

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