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36 Watt UV Curing Lamp
Item # 8109
High efficiency, 36W Professional UV curing lamp is operated with 4 x 9W UV light bulbs (included)
Cure time average for UV light is 2-4 minutes

Can be used for a maximum PCB size: 14 x 14 cm

•  Weight: 1.7 kg
•  Dimensions: 100 X 220 X 240 mm
•  Power: 36 W
•  Voltage 220 V - 240 V, 50 Hz
•  Timer Duration: 120 seconds
•  Works with 4 x 9 watt UV bulbs, regularly replace the lamps to always have optimal efficiency.
Strongest wavelength: 370 µm (This wavelength is visible in the light and harmless to the eyes but do not be careful not to look too long at the bulb.)

1. Lamp body in plastic
2. 4 bulbs UV, 9W each
3. Switch on/off I/0, and “timer” II
4. Timer 120 seconds
5. Fuse
6. Mirror effect internal for a perfect drying
7. Slide base plate for plugging/replacing the bulbs

O = switch off
II = timer
I = switch on
Red button: switch 120 second timer on.

Before use please read instructions carefully.
While inserting or replacing the UV bulb the lamp has to be switched off and unplugged.
•  Do not get into contact with water.
•  If not in use, switch it off and disconnect from the power.
•  Do not look straight into the illuminated bulbs.
•  Note that over exposure to ultra violet radiation/UV lamps can cause skin or eye damage.
•  Whenever you recognize a changing of the skin, seek medical advice.
•  The lamp is for indoor use only therefore never use it outdoor.
•  Malfunction has to be solved by an expert.
• Clean only with a smooth dry cloth.
• Do not use any dissolver or detergent.
• Store in a dry and safe place. Keep out of reach of children.
Power 220V–240V~50/60Hz
Max. capacity :36W
UV bulbs: 9W, 365 nm

Never leave the appliance unattended as long as the power plug is connected with the power outlet.
Do not use if the UV nail lamp is damaged; contact directly the provider or assistance centre.
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