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UV Curable Solder Mask - Green
Item # 7506
Mechanic UV Curable Solder Mask
Features with quick curing.
UV  Curable Solder Mask
Color:  Green
Volume: 10cc

Insulates printed circuit board against shorting and arcing.
This paint is used to protect PCB traces from corrosion .It is also used for repairing PCB after soldering.
Color: Green
Capacity: 10ml / 10cc

UV-curing solder resist is a liquid one-component epoxy group solder resist.

●  It is suitable for repairing PCB circuit boards, solder mask exfoliated and damaged, also can be used for fixing and insulation during soldering the flex cable.
●  This product is green ink-like with good property of film-forming
●  Fast UV curing speed adhesion.
●  High hardness, 300 degrees heat resistance, electrical insulation and chemical resistance.
●  With 3 times soldering and 10 seconds for each, it will not exfoliate.
●  This product is a necessary item for repairing.
●  Package: 1 x 10cc syringe

Theoretical Spread Rate of Solder Mask:
   12 m2/kg (at dry thickness 35 μm)
   So this package can theoretically covers 1200 cm2 (at dry thickness 35 μm)

How to use it:
1- Spread it on the PCB with covering the transparent mask film.
2-  Expose it under UV light  for a few minutes.
3- Wash away the extra paint by gasoline or oil base solvent.
4- Final Cure: Once all of the under exposed resin has been removed and PCB cleaned, it's time to fully cure the resin. Using the UV light, expose the PCB again, this time for about 10 minutes. This will ensure all of the resin is hardened and fully cured.
●  Click here for  UV light lamp 

YouTube:  ● How to apply UV Curable Solder mask
● How to Solder Mask PCBs

Documents & Files:
adafruit : How to Solder Mask PCBs
Manufacturer website: [Click here]
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