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Blue super bright SMD 3528 LED (strip of 10)
Item # 10234
Strip of 10 pieces
Super bright blue SMD 3528 LED

Items per lot: 10
Package type: SMD 3528
Forward Voltage : 3.0~3.3V
Forward DC Current: 20mA
Lens Color: Water Clear
Emitted Color: Blue (470~475nm).
Brightness: 300~500mcd.
Viewing Angle: 120 deg.
SMD Size: 3528/1210
LED Dimensions: 3.5×2.8×1.7mm.

Package Dimensions: (unit:mm)

Notes: All dimensions in mm tolerance is ±0.1mm unless otherwise noted.

Precautions for Use:
Over-current-proof: Customer must apply resistors for protection; otherwise slight voltage shift will cause big current change (Burn out will happen).

8.00  EGP
per Lot
(10 items per lot)

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