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1W High Power SMD White LED
Item # 10231
1W High Power LED
Description: High-power LED 1W maximum junction temperature of 120LM high brightness, low thermal resistance, in accordance with RoHS high temperature , it can be a continuous trouble-free work 50000Hrs. High-power LED 1000Hrs. photodegradation less than 3%, the normal life can up to 100,000 hours.

● Emitting color: White
● Forward Voltage : 3.2V~3.4V
● Intensity Type: 100~120Lm
● Output power: 1w
● Viewing angle :. 120 degrees
● Light color: Pure White 6000-6500K

High-power LED 1W widely used in general illumination, contour LED lights, garden LED lights, ceiling LED lights, decorative LED lights, architectural LED lighting, LED street lamps and so on.

Precautions for Use:
Over-current-proof: Customer must apply resistors for protection; otherwise slight voltage shift will cause big current change (Burn out will happen).

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