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PIC12F509  Microcontroller
Item # 102626
Microchip PIC12F509
8-Pin, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller

Low cost, low power, high performance

Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (Industrial)

Wide Operating Voltage Range: 2.0V to 5.5V
Package type: DIP 8-pin
Description: The PIC12F509 devices from Microchip Technology are low-cost, high-performance, 8-bit, fully-static, Flash-based CMOS microcontrollers.
They employ a RISC architecture with only 33 single-word/ single-cycle instructions. All instructions are single cycle (200 μs) except for program branches, which take two cycles. The PIC12F5095 devices deliver performance an order of magnitude higher than their competitors in the same price category.

● Program Memory: 1.5 Kbytes.
● Program Memory Type: Flash
● Data Memory: 41 Bytes
● Data EEPROM: None
● CPU Speed: 1 MIPS
● Timers: 1 x 8-bit
● ADC: None
● Comparators: None
● Operating Voltage Range: 2.0V to 5.5V
● Internal Oscillator: Yes (Precision 4 MHz internal oscillator)
● Max Operating Frequency: 4 MHz
● Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (Industrial)
● I/O Pin Count: 6 with 25mA source/sink per I/O
● Pin Count: 8
● XLP: No

The PIC12F509 devices fit in applications ranging from personal care appliances and security systems to low-power remote transmitters/receivers.
The Flash technology makes customizing application programs (transmitter codes, appliance settings, receiver frequencies, etc.) extremely fast and convenient.

Pin Diagram:
PIC12F509 Microcontroller
Documents & Files:
PIC12F508/509/16F505 Datasheet
Manufacturer website: [Click here]

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