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Photoresist Developer Solution PX-4   (500ml)
Item # 15055
Photoresist Developer PX-4

Ready to use solution 
No mixing or dilution required
Volume: 500 ml
Description: Photoresist Developer PX-4 is your perfect choice for both Negative and Positive film / board.
It is Ready-to-Use solution so you don't need to add any thing or weight any chemicals. No mixing or dilution required

Volume: 500 ml
The developing time is between 1 to 3 minutes.

For best results, while developing gently agitate the solution with the smoother brush and move it softly over the board.

After the developing process is completed wash your board with water, and return the solution back to the bottle and close it to be able to reuse it effectively in the future.

Development Step Instructions:
After the board is exposed, still in safelight, remove the outer protective coating from the resist (which might take time, be patient), and place the board into the developing solution. Gently agitate the solution with the smoother brush, flipping the board over now and then to ensure both sides develop evenly, and keeping an eye on the board’s progress. Towards the end of the process, take the board out of the solution now and then and inspect it closely to determine if it is done developing or if you need to submerge it back into the solution. 
When the board is placed into the developing solution, the developing time can vary greatly, between 1 to 3 minutes. Because of this variance, it is important that developing be observed instead of timed. The development stage is completed when the desired circuit and through-holes are bare copper, and the remaining copper that will later be etched off of the board is still completely covered with dry film resist. 
When development is completed, quickly rinse the board in water and dry with a hair dryer. After this it is ok to work with the board in normal light again.

If this bottle of developer is not enough to fill your developing tank, do not dilute with water, in this case will need more bottle(s) to completely cover your board.


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