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Ferric chloride Etchant Solution  40%   (500ml)
Item # 16060
Ready to use PCB Etchant Solution
No mixing or dilution required
Ferric chloride 40%

500 ml  Plastic bottle
Description: Ferric chloride,  Ready to use solution, PCB Etchant Solution.
Designed for etching printed circuit boards and other metals. This chemical etches (removes) the copper from the board where it is exposed.

With this solution the etching time will be only: about 15 minutes.

No mixing or dilution required

Volume: 500 ml
Concentration: 40%
This bottle can etch: up to a maximum of 1650 cm2 of 1 oz copper clad board (50 gram of copper).

How to use:
●  Immerse copper board in solution and agitate until etching action is completed.
●  Etching process can be sped up by heating the solution to a temperature no higher than 55°C.
●  If this bottle of ferric chloride is not enough to fill your etching tank, do not dilute with water, in this case will need more bottle(s) to completely cover your board.


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