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Axial Ferrite Bead Inductor RH3.5*9*0.8
Item # 17109
EMI Suppression Axial Ferrite Bead Inductor
Ferrite Beads on Leads
Description: Ferrite Bead, EMI Filter 3.5X9X0.8 mm
Two-terminal axial lead ferrite beads provide economical filtering for differential mode EMI suppression applications. these devices are able to withstand high peak currents that can destroy other surface mount devices.
What is the Ferrite Bead Inductor:

Ferrite Bead Inductors are effective for frequencies ranging from a few MHz to a few GHz. Ferrite Bead Inductors are widely used as a low noise countermeasure, as well as a universal noise suppression component.

Ferrite Bead Inductors produce a micro inductance in a low frequency range. At high frequencies, however, the resistive component of the inductor produces the primary impedance. When inserted in series in the noise producing circuit, the resistive impedance of the inductor prevents noise propagation.

● Ferrite Beads on Wire
● Impedance: 120Ω
● DC Current Rating: 3A
● Ferrite Mounting: Through Hole
● Bead outer diameter: 3.5 mm
● Bead inner diameter: 0.8 mm
● Bead length: 9 mm
● Core Material: Ferrite
● External Length / Height: 9mm
● Impedance @ 100MHz Typ.: 120Ω
● Impedance @ 25MHz Typ.: 80Ω
● Inductor Case Style: Axial Leaded
● Inductor Type: Ferrite Bead
● No. of Pins: 2
● Package / Case: Axial
● Operating Temperature: -25°C to +125°C
Applications include suppression in digital equipment and clock circuits

YouTube Video:
●  Basics of Ferrite Beads: Filters, EMI Suppression, Parasitic oscillation suppression / Tutorial
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