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30 x 100 cm Photosensitive film for PCB (Negative Acting)
Item # 30467
High quality negative acting photosensitive film for PCB
(Board not included).

 High quality 
Description: High quality photosensitive dry film for PCB

Acting Type: Negative Acting.
Film Size: 30 x 100 cm

● High sensitive photo resist film
● Short exposing time:
     1~2 minutes when using ultraviolet lamp
     6~10 minutes when using Fluorescent lamp

PCB photosensitive dry film for circuit production 30cm x 20Cm
-Photographic film, also known as dry film, is used to make PCB board, stick it on top of the PCB, it will become a sensitive circuit board.
-Suitable for plating, hole coveringand the etching process.
-Excellent ability to cover holes
-High Resolution
-Excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces
-Image clarity after exposure
-Front-panel is very clean after developed
The dry film is resistant to most of the acid etching solution, the PH value can be resistant to most alkaline etching solution between PH8.0 ~8.5.
Cover hole:
1.5 mil dry film can fully cover a 0.25 inches thickness hole.
The dry film is available in most common use of the plating bath, no wrinkles, no color.

How to use it:  Dry Film Resist Instructions

Open its bag in a dark place

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