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LOXEAL 54-03 Nut Locking Adhesive
Item # 68011
LOXEAL 54-03
Nut Locking
Thread Locking

Size: 50ml 
Color: Blue
Made in Italy

Medium strength anaerobic adhesive for thread locking of nuts and bolts of all types requiring to be dismantled.
Highly resistant to heat, corrosion, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals.
Key benefits:
Replace mechanical washers and fasteners.
Prevent loosening caused by vibration, mechanical and thermal shock.
Lubricate for easier assembly.
Maintain the initial applied torque.
Available in 3 grades of locking strength: low strength (easy to dismantle), medium strength (possible to dismantle), high strength (permanent locking)
Certified according to international standards DVGW, TZW
Physical properties:
Composition: anaerobic methacrylate
Colour: blue
Fluorescence : under blue light
Viscosity resin : 900 - 1.500 mPa s (+25°C)
Specific weight : 1,05 g/ml (+25°C)
Max diameter of thread/gap filling: M24 - 0,20 mm
Substrates: Metal
Grades of locking strength: medium strength 
Size: 50ml 

Curing performance:
Curing rate depends on the assembly clearance, material surfaces and temperature. Functional strength is usually reached in 1 - 3 hours and full curing takes 24 - 36 hours. In case of passive surfaces and/or low temperature, a fast cure can be obtained using Loxeal Activator 11

Curing properties:
Bolt M10 x 20 Zn - quality 8.8 - nut h = 0,8 d at +25°C
Handling cure time: 10 - 20 minutes
Functional cure time: 1 - 3 hours
Full cure time: 5 -10 hours
Shear strength : 8 - 12 N/mm²   (ISO 10123)
Locking torque 
        breakaway: 14 - 20 N m   (ISO 10964)
        prevailing:     4 - 9 N m   (ISO 10964)
Temperature range: -55°C/+150°C
How to use it:
1. Clean the surfaces with Loxeal Cleaner 10 and allow to dry.
2. For through holes: apply a bead of adhesive across the contact length of the threads. For blind holes: apply several drops of the products down the threads to the bottom of the hole.
3. Assemble and pre-torque as required and allow the parts to achieve functional strength before disturbing them.
4. The usage of Loxeal Activator 11 can be considered to reduce curing time.

Disassembly and cleaning:
To disassemble the pieces, use conventional tools. When possible, disassembly is made easier by heating pieces at +150°C/+250°C and hot dissembling them.
Remove the cured product mechanically and finish cleaning with Acetone.
Warning: It is not suitable for applications on plastics.

Documents & Files:
Technical Data Sheet
Manufacturer website: [Click here]

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