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MECHANIC 850 Water for Cleaning PCB Board
Item # 7522
MECHANIC 850 Water For Cleaning Panel And Lead-Free Circuit Board Cleaning

1 Liter
Description: This product is a cleaning agent with strong cleaning ability. In the electronics industry, it is mainly used to clean rosin, solder, flux and other residues on the  printed circuit board(PCB). It is also capable of cleaning rosin, grease, flux, dirt, etc.  excellent. 

This agent can replace solvents such as gas linings, and its cleaning ability has little effect on the capacitor resistance.  It evaporates completely, naturally dries quickly, and does not leave any residuals  after cleaning.  It is suitable for electrical products that need to be cleaned after PCB board soldering.  The product does not contain fluorocarbons CFCs and other harmful substances to the environment, and does not contain toxic substances such as toluene.

- Multi-Usage Product
- Low Conductivity
- Evaporates Quickly
- Environmentally Safe
- Specially good effect contact cleaner
- Chemical properties of stability
- Volume: 1 Liter

Physical and chemical indicators:
 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
 Boiling point (℃): 85.8-88.3
 Melting point (℃): -35
 Specific gravity (25℃):  1.34 ± 0.05
 Refractive index (20℃):  1.3989
 Volatility (%): 99.9
 pH value: 6.8
 Content (%): 99.50
 Maximum water content (%): 0.002
 Maximum residual content (%, volume): 0.01
 Maximum acid content (%, as HCI): 0.0001
 Health hazards: harmless to human health, and can pass the European first-level environmental protection requirements. 

How to use:
This cleaning  agent uses Ultrasonic  wave to clean PCB oily flux (rosin type, no-clean type, water-soluble) after 4-6 minutes, rinse with water, and then put it in the dry and internally for drying.  
Set the temperature of the drying box to 65℃, and dry it for 4-6 minutes. 

Do not expose to the sun, do not pierce or throw into the fire, do not swallow.
Swallowing is strictly prohibited, keep out of the reach of children.

Made in china - Hong Kong


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