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MID400  AC Line Monitor Logic Output Optocoupler
Item # 1617

AC Line Monitor Logic-Out Device
The MID400 is an optically isolated AC line-to-logic interface device. 
Package type: SMD, MDIP 8L
The MID400 is an optically isolated AC line-to-logic interface device for monitoring ON or OFF status of an AC power line. The logic circuitry operates from a standard 5V supply. The MID400 is packaged in a compact 8-pin plastic DIP. The optical isolation provided by the MID400 makes it suitable for power-to-logic interface applications such as industrial controls medical equipment, computers and other fail-safe type monitor systems in which status information about the AC line is essential.
The AC line voltage is monitored by two back-to-back GaAs LED diodes in series with an external resistor. A high gain detector circuit senses the LED current and drives the output gate to a logic low condition.The MID400 has been designed solely for the use as an AC line monitor
It is recommended for use in any AC-to-DC control application where excellent optical isolation, solid state reliability, TTL compatibility, small size, low power, and low frequency operations are required.

•  Direct operation from any line voltage with the use of an external resistor.
•  Externally adjustable time delay
•  Externally adjustable AC voltage sensing level
•  Logic level compatibility
•  Safety and Regulatory Approvals:
   – UL1577, 2,500 VACRMS for 1 Minute
   – DIN-EN/IEC60747-5-5, 630 V Peak Working Insulation Voltage

•  Monitoring of the AC/DC “line-down” condition
•  “Closed-loop” interface between electromechanical elements such as solenoids, relay contacts, small motors, and microprocessors
•  Time delay isolation switch

Documents & Files:
MID400 Power Line Monitor - Application Note AN-3
Manufacturer website: [Click here]

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